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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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What is SRTSWeb?

The Spectacle Request Transmission System (SRTS) is a web-based application that provides the United States Department of Defense (DoD) military ordering facilities(clinics) and fabrication facilities (labs) with an automated mechanism to order and track military eyewear.

In addition to servicing our eyewear facilities, we also provide our military personnel who are in theatre access to our G-Eyes application allowing our soldiers to reorder eyewear as the need arises.

SRTSweb is a secure system for authorized personnel use only. A clinic or lab wishing to use SRTSweb to manage military eyewear processing, must obtain a NOSTRA authorized account.

News and Announcements from the SRTSweb Team  

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    Posted: 11 Sep 2020 by Fieldhausen

  • Many times you do not need to add a user account. If the user has been a previous user of SRTS Web in the past, your admin can go to Administration - Account Administration, and if the user has been locked out, they can re-enable and unlock the account (Clinic Admin Guide pages 53 to 56). If the user was at a previous site and new to your site, add your site code to the user’s assigned sites (Administration – User Manager), verify the information for the user and make changes as required, add your new site code to the Assigned Sites box, removing any that no longer apply (Clinic Admin Guide pages 48-49). If you have issues, please contact the SRTS Help Desk. The above steps are faster than adding a new user.

G-Eyes Orders  

In order to use G-Eyes, you must be deployed to an APO, FPO, or DPO and have an optical prescription on file.

Military Combat Eye Protection is a unit issue item. Please see your unit supply representative if you are in need of those items.

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System Requirements  

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